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Current use of pMDIs

The pMDI is a widely used popular inhaler format, yet many patients do not use their inhalers correctly due to;

The need to get patients to inhale correctly is now widely recognised. There are many dedicated sessions at respiratory conferences. The publication of the ERS/ISAM guidelines has highlighted this problem.

In-Check Flo-Tone

Clement Clarke International have developed a simple solution to the co-ordination difficulties that many patients face when using an inhaler. It is the ‘Flo-Tone’ pMDI attachment.

Flo-tone gives an audible signal at correct flow rate and helps patient to co-ordinate actuation of the pMDI. The attachment is used with the patient’s own inhaler or with a placebo device.

This is a simple yet innovative low-cost design, which will help doctors and nurses to conduct training in practice and allow the patient to continue to train whilst at home.


Frequently asked questions.....

Q1. The pMDI  my patient uses has a different shape mouthpiece to Flo-Tone....

CCI have introduced Flo-Tone to match the most commonly used inhalers, plans are in place to introduce versions of Flo-Tone to fit other mouthpiece shapes.

Q2. After washing,  Flo-Tone doesn’t seem to work properly....


If there is residual water around the reed of the whistle this will alter the whistle performance. An easy way to clear residual water is to blow through the Flo-Tone. Do not attempt to dry the reed with a towel, you may damage the reed.


For any other questions, please contact us directly and we will endeavour to answer as soon as possible.


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